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3 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

You have spent all your free time preparing the wedding for months, this day will become the most beautiful of your life and will not happen again (obviously I wish you the best!) Here some good reasons to hire a photographer to keep an unforgettable memory of that day.

Your first thought may have been to entrust this mission to a relative to lighten your budget, you may have seen some of his achievements, you trust in his talent and his look. Why not … but between us, with my experience, if you want to limit your budget, do it on other cost items!

Here are 3 good reasons to hire a professional photographer who will commit to a number of hours and photos to immortalize your wedding. So you will not have any unpleasant surprises.

1-because you get married only once

I know, this reason is conjured up at all costs, and in this case the flowers deserve no less budget than the photos, we will not be able to skimp on the caterer either, unique day says memorable atmosphere, in short we do not end up with spendings, no cost item is truly privileged.
Essentially, trust me, for photography this argument is incontestable. And actually I do not need to convince you, YOU know how much this day will count for you: a happy and intense event, a rare moment to gather all your loved ones … I’m sure you do not want to forget a memory, you will show, touch, preserve, more than a (obvious) memory at the back of your mind! To be seen and seen again and to hand down to your children.

2-because this day goes too fast

I am not the only one to tell you, everyone keeps repeating it! Maybe there is a grain of truth in what we say?
Time passes in the fast lane, and emotions follow one another. You have to be aware that you will not see everything and you will not be able to be everywhere at the same time! Luckily your photographer will be able to etch the tears in your husband’s eyes when you arrive, your smile raising your veil, the grandparents at your side, without forgetting the surprises that are plotting in your back!
Little things you will enjoy (re)discover again and again

3-because wedding photographer is real profession

No no no ! It’s not because your cousin Gary had the last Nikon or Canon Reflex 1350 STM 3/2 48 Megapixel thingummy as Christmas Gift and he made two or three nice portraits during the Christmas holidays, that you have to entrust to him the memories of the happiest day of your life!
First of all a good photographer must have real technical skills: management of lights, fast and mobile, good framing … It is also good equipment, and especially the emergency equipment, two cases in the event of breakdown for example . Then what counts is the experience: impossible to miss a key moment! Your kiss after the I DO or your first dance ! Instinctively a professional photographer knows to be in the right place at the right time, even, he anticipates.
The two risks of choosing a loved one are that he is more busy drinking than taking an essential picture, for example, when the wedding cake comes up, and then having 50 pictures of the cousins ​​on the side of sir.
The Bonus in my opinion: a look, the eye of the photographer, a soul, a hand, the talent what else ! In short, photographer is a profession.

And if I have not convinced you, or you have looked your budget from all angles and despite your best intentions, you will not have money to give to this item, here are some tips if you opt for an amateur:
Spend time in a preliminary meeting, during which you clarify with him all your wishes, do not hesitate to provide him a list of your desires (desires not demands, you will have to be flexible okay) and may be a small gift to thank him later 🙂

Let’s be clear! It is better an amateur and / or friend, than no photographer at all! You may regret it all your life.
And key question, about the budget, plan from 500 to 5000 euros! Please know that I consider that you get quality services from 1000 euros. Beyond that, we pay for talent! Beyond the notoriety!

In a next article we will see how to choose a good photographer 😉

Good search! and if you want to discover my address book, or even looking for you, contact me;)

Enjoy <3

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