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more than a job... a vocation

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Half way between Provence and the French Riviera, the company Enjoy Your Wedding designs, plans and coordinates weddings in this wonderful destination that is the South of France.

Every year we have the opportunity to meet new brides and grooms, a deliberately limited number in order to get to know them in depth and together we create a wedding that suits them best.

And because each couple is unique, Enjoy Your Wedding offers singular and exclusive services. Local partners are carefully selected beforehand. They embody the professionalism and the respect granted by Enjoy Your Wedding to the realization of the event for the total satisfaction of its customers, YOU.

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– Enjoy –

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sandra : passionate, creative, dynamic

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Graduated in Management and Marketing and then in Communication and Event Management, my career alternated between school and job allowed me to acquire a solid foundation in business and to strengthen my experience in the world of work.

Once improved by training in the coordination of private events, I have created my own wedding organization company in Provence and on the French Riviera, Enjoy Your Wedding.

Thanks to my experience and my network of seasoned professionals in event planning, proud of my Provence, this region where I was born, and convinced of the charms it has to offer to the bride and groom, I wished to share my skills and secrets to organize the best day of their lives. Sharing and love are the driving forces of my life, professional and personal, so it is quite naturally that this job of wedding planner imposed on me.

One word sums me up: passion. This is what drives my agency, and myself! A young woman accomplished, determined but flexible, dreamy but realistic, sensitive but firm. A professional combining the necessary rigor in management and planning with the creativity and imagination essential for this unique wedding experience.

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let's talk to create a perfect moment

I am looking forward to hearing from you and to find out all your desires

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+33 (0)6 51 15 65 76

Postal Address
84000 Avignon – 13090 Aix-en-Provence

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E-mail, contact form, phone, don't hesitate to contact me. All enquiries will be the subject of a personalized estimate.
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