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Wedding Planner Survival Kit

Because the D-Day the time flies and everything can happen, even if everything has been thought in terms of organization, it is better to provide a survival kit that will deal with all eventualities.

(This kit can be intended to the bride, but only partially, I will return later on the checklist of the bride and groom.)

Very long, this list is not exhaustive, maybe you will think of other things, I would read your ideas willingly! Do not be afraid! But believe in my experience, all that follows may be useful on the wedding day. Get in!


  • Knife, scissors, cutter
  • String, wire
  • transparent Scotch tape , large scotch tape, glue, blu-tack, double-sided tape, stapler cloth
  • Iron (for tablecloths), vacuum/hoover (for a cleaning that has been botched before you)
  • Extension cable
  • flashlight
  • rag, sponge, dusting wipes (a little cleaning again, chairs often!)
  • Interior slippers (it would be stupid to have to do cleaning again!)
  • Lighters, matches, gas lights x2 and refill (so convenient for candles)
  • LR06 AA and LR06 AAA batteries
  • Meter, decameter (for the placement of chairs for the ceremony)
  • Post it, pen, note pad, marker, highlighter,
  • Tool kit: screwdriver, hammer, adjustable wrench, nails

More personal belongings

  • battledress (for the setting up)
  • Wedding dress: under clothes, dress, shoes!
  • raincoat, a jacket
  • Toiletries: cotton, cotton swabs/bud Q-tip, deo, baby wipes, intimate wipes, sanitary towels, tissues, mints, chewing gum, toothpaste,
  • toothbrush, dental floss, physiological saline, perfume, nail file (all this can be used for the wedding planner, the bride or her guests)
  • Snack Saturday midday (we try to take forces) + snacking
  • Business cards (to distribute carefully, discreetly in the course of a conversation, no stand to your effigy or pile on the tables please!)
  • Small gift for the bride and groom
  • Telephone, charger, extra battery

For me but also for the guests

  • contacts duty doctor, pharmacy, taxi
  • Computer, tablet, chargers
  • Hair dryer, curl iron, straightener
  • My Bose speaker + charger
  • Pharmacy kit: band-aid, blister band-aid, anti mosquito, sunscreen, disinfectant, headache and stomach pills, nail clippers
  • Sewing kit: threads, white thread, needles, safety pins, thermobonding
  • Soap of Marseille, lint roller
  • bottle of water
  • 1 DVD cartoon
  • breathalyzer test

Apart, I make sure having

  • Bridal kit: tissues, band-aid, headache pills, mirror, snacking, deodorant wipes, hair clips, mint candy, chewing gum, nail file, small brush, lip balm, antibacterial hand gel, fan

Documents to print

  • List of guests, seating arrangements
  • List of decorative elements
  • Contact list
  • Wedding organizer


  • A trolley
  • Bluetooth earpiece

Prepare this checklist in advance, collect the equipment, just check the boxes!


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