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5 ideas to do your wedding proposal on Valentine’s Day

Last year I told you a little more about the origin of Valentine’s Day. This year here are 5 simple and original ideas that will make their effect to make your marriage proposal, your future half will not forget this day!

1-At home

Take out your finest feather, write him a poem, create a path of candles, sprinkle your bed of rose petals (store the room before it’s better;)) make him sink a bath which you can certainly enjoy 2 later …
it’s cliché, it’s boat, it’s gnangnan but it works!
you will make it dream for sure, and at a lower cost! and for the most gifted of you, a candlelight meal prepared by you! and it will be the apotheosis.

2-At the restaurant

For this time there are some expenses, and again … resto does not necessarily rhyme with gastro, 8 dishes, 4 forks, 6 knives and 3 spoons, 200 € addition and goodbye. It can be your favorite little Italian too. Imagine the ring delicately slipped under the towel, or worn at the same time as the dessert,
it is always small, and often the simplest things are the most effective.

For the following ideas it will be necessary to put a little more the hand to the wallet.

3-A weekend in Venice

on a gondola, after your passage under the Rialto Bridge, on the great “Piazza San Marco”, or the detours of small streets more intimate. Imagine, a heart of rose petals, a bottle posed gently awaits you, a few candles and why not a guitarist and his songs in Italian colorful
she will melt!

4-On vacation

At the end of the world, in picturesque villages, near monuments of another era, on breathtaking beaches … it seems almost obvious, a necessarily enchanting setting that invites to love. Your request would be the icing on the cake. Back with a suitcase full of emotions guaranteed!


For those who do not feel dizzy! Climb aboard a gondola shortly before sunset, leave Earth, and in the clouds, enjoy a 360 ° panoramic view to make your marriage proposal. Simply unforgettable.

In any case, for most of you gentlemen, it will be better to think about your statement, think beforehand to the few words you want to say (in the right order) and for the least comfortable of you do not hesitate to put these words on paper, to be sure not to forget anything when the time comes.

More than scenarios, it is often the places that mark and make the success of a marriage proposal. at Disneyland, during a picnic, helicopter baptism, or in the streets of Paris … and despite all these ideas if you are in the process of imagination, EYW is here to help you, discover all our services and tips for a successful marriage proposal.

All on their knees! Take out the rings! that requests are raining!

Enjoy <3

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