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5 original ideas to organize a Bachelorette Party and full of activities

Today I’m blowing you 5 original ideas to organize a bachelorette party, as well as a lot of cool ideas for a program at the top!

The bachelorette party is the occasion or never for the future bride to spend a memorable last moment between friends as Miss! The idea is to give an unforgettable moment to the future bride she is supposed to be unable to afford from the moment she is married. So, do not miss this pre-wedding event … friends, girlfriends, sisters, listen carefully!

For those who are out of inspiration, or who just want to tweak their program,

Here are 5 original ideas to help you make this moment a memorable one. From the most economic to the craziest, bridesmaids will no longer have excuses!

As for the organization, we start with what, what steps, what budget, who pays …? I already addressed it in a previous article here: “How to organize a Burial of Life of Girl in 5 steps, my tips and advice”

1-For small budgets

No worries! because the imagination is still free! So first I suggest you organize a good meal at one of your friends! How to liven up your evening? Staying warm, for the calmer, I suggest a party cocooning, facials, nail polish, watching movies, in short a good old slumber party, flashback Teen guaranteed! For those who would like to go out, why not a big treasure hunt through the city? You could take the opportunity to go through places that have marked your youth. Laughs assured! With or without disguises, with or without challenges, at the risk of repeating myself, not everyone appreciates the humiliations that can be experienced as punishment. Here comes the great classic … The chippendale evening, because it is one of the last times that, as a “single” the future bride will be allowed to look at the body of another man than her future husband. Of course you have to take it to the second degree, and you can still watch men, huh! In short, it is a tradition that continues to seduce many brides but not all ATTENTION! Try beforehand to take the temperature here and there with the bride and groom to know a little their opinion on the subject, it would be silly that the wedding is canceled for here! For the most revered why not finish your night club simply.

2-The weekend of the adventurer

Your friend is a fan of camping in the summer, the movie Hikers, in love with nature, so here is the ideal weekend: The bachelorette party is also a way to say goodbye to your life as a single, for this, nothing like a small initiation ritual: a hike to test your physical abilities, and a night in a shelter to have time to chat with girlfriends without TV, without network and without men! This type of bachelorette party is particularly suitable for environmental brides. Ideas for the more adventurous: a survival training course, a training course, a Mud Day or a Spartan Race if the dates coincide. For more information: a simple night in a cabin perched like Robison Crusoe or in a hotel with bubble rooms (transparent bubbles in the nature that allow to sleep protected while enjoying a starry sky), a detox cure (without laptop + juice) cucumber at will). Change of scenery guaranteed!

3-The weekend in spa

The bachelorette party will take place during the preparations for the wedding. Therefore, the future bride (and all the (poor) bridesmaids strained) will need to relax. For that, what better than to spend the weekend to pamper yourself in a spa between best friends. This is where it gets bored, we start having to break the piggy bank, and it will not necessarily be within the reach of all budgets. I remind you that once determined participants it is necessary to make a point “budget”. My alternative idea: rather than a total relaxation weekend in SPA, massages, jacuzzi, swimming pool, hotel and all the tralala, the option “simple access hammam or sauna” is definitely more affordable.

4-The bachelorette party beach + beach + re beach

When we think of beach we think sun and towel on the sand … you will tell me that you do not need to spend miles and cents for that, until then you do not have to do anything wrong. But your bachelorette party will not be limited to that! Two options: you are rather in the North of France, go to Deauville! Enjoy the beauty of the Normandy coast, breathe the air iodine! Imagine a ride on horseback, hair in the wind, a photo shoot (by a pro is better!) And in the evening let yourself be carried away by the pleasures that offers this seaside resort: Casino, discotheques, you will only have spoiled for choice. For Southerners … Welcome to Saint-Tropez! South Of France, French Riviera !Glitz and glitter, Jet set and you saw me! A bit of our Las Vegas on the French Riviera! A glass of Rosé, sun and heat guaranteed, private beaches, champagne afloat, Clubs, celebrities with a little luck! A weekend to feel Star.

5-For those who like to travel

Why not go on a weekend in a European capital! Two ways to book your trip: well in advance with a lot of organization, or at the last minute and / or with low cost tickets. Go far by plane or nearby, go to Barcelona! tapas bar, ramblas, shopping. Unusual clubs, gigantic and always a lot of people, guaranteed atmosphere, and cheap consumptions! Then nothing like a Saturday to visit, and a Sunday on the beach! to relax (recover) from your crazy night! Again, you do not have to sleep in palaces, although Barcelona is still famous for housing very beautiful accommodation at very competitive prices, and you eat very often very well without spending a lot.

In short! Remember that whatever the place, the duration or the budget, do not hesitate to sprinkle small homemade activities or by pros like a photo shoot, quizzes and DIY, a moment beauty between you (or with a pro again), a treasure hunt on the net or an Escape Game, an introduction to Pole Dance! a boat trip that a friend could lend (or rent a yacht if you can LOL be crazy), or just a good brunch! It does not have a price ! Make your brains work … And please, do not bother planning a thousand activities! No competitions at the best bachelorette party to leave no respite! On the contrary, the breaks to chat and relax will be much appreciated!

I draw your attention to the fact that a bachelorette party with a couple and / or friends is an option not to be excluded. Indeed it is possible to get along with your future husband for the organization of a very nice moment to share with your respective witnesses, all together, throughout a weekend, and / or with separate activities also each for its part why not. This will remain a memorable memory.

In short, have fun, give pleasure to the queen of the evening, this is her last moments as a free woman!

And do not forget, “everything going on in Vegas stays in Vegas”

Enjoy <3

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