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Argentina here I am !

Bye Bye cold and grisaille !! Haha I exaggerate a little, say like that it looks like I live in Paris when in reality I live in the most beautiful region of France, in Provence French Riviera in the Var, near Toulon, which has been recently elected as the sunniest city in France, and which in my opinion must count at least 300 days of sunshine a year! So I really have no complaints. But nevertheless I am happy to share with you my departure for Buenos Aires (to pronounce with the accent please!). It takes about 13 hours flight from Paris, and there is a time difference of 3 hours in January with us for the summer in South America. On the program in terms of work: discovery of the bride and groom, mutual presentations, project discovery, budgeting, first ideas and suggestions …Nothing better than a physical meeting to install the feeling and confidence that will enable me to work fully afterwards in our beautiful region. And for the personal part of the trip, I intend to explore this beautiful city, although I could only enjoy a few days. I hope to soak up the South American “Calor”, while limiting myself to Buenos Aires, because Argentina is so vast! On the program for me, an initiation to the Argentinian Tango! Passionate of dance is unavoidable, I think to take full eyes, I tell you news …

Let’s go to work and Adios!

Enjoy <3

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