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As you probably know already, I had the privilege of spending a few days in Buenos Aires, as part of a professional trip to a meeting of future newlyweds! I told you that I will come back on my trip to give you some of my impressions, so I decided to share with you today. Buenos Aires is without doubt the most European capital of South America. It blows on this city a wind of Italy, Spain and France! This heritage is felt in all the districts of the city: the...

As for most festivals, the origins of Valentine's Day remain rather mysterious. St. Valentine himself who was he? Some sources claim that this priest was persecuted in Italy on 14 February 270 AD. He was reportedly sentenced to death by the Emperor Claudius II for having consecrated Christian marriages underground. His supposed ashes were then deposited 1868 in a reliquary in Roquemaure (Gard -30) thus eradicating the Phylloxera which had destroyed almost all the vines. Other sources claim that the legend of Valentine's Day goes back to the Middle Ages, the...

Bye Bye cold and grisaille !! Haha I exaggerate a little, say like that it looks like I live in Paris when in reality I live in the most beautiful region of France, in Provence French Riviera in the Var, near Toulon, which has been recently elected as the sunniest city in France, and which in my opinion must count at least 300 days of sunshine a year! So I really have no complaints. But nevertheless I am happy to share with you my departure for Buenos Aires (to pronounce...