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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day !

March 17 as every year is Saint Patrick’s Day!

On this occasion Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro is adorned with green to celebrate this great Irish popular festival and even the White House fountain water in Washington takes on the color of clover, a tradition since 2009.

So who is Saint Patrick?
Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, yet he does not come from Ireland but from Scotland, where he was born in the 4th century. Kidnapped by pirates he was enslaved in Ireland. Then, to succeed in escaping, he became a priest in France. The Pope asks him to return to Ireland to evangelize and found many monasteries there. Its original color was not the green but the blue, it was only later that Saint Patrick took the green color. It was during the great Irish rebellion against the English in 1798 whose symbol was the clover.

So is St. Patrick’s Day the national holiday of Ireland?
Well, not contrary to what one may believe, Ireland does not have a national holiday. St. Patrick’s Day is his main feast. Every year 13,000,000 pints of Guinness, the famous Irish beer, are swallowed on March 17 in the world. With a large Irish diaspora who exiled in the 19th century, the United States has an impressive St. Patrick’s Day, 139 million Americans expect to celebrate this year. In New York a large parade brings together nearly 200,000 participants.

But no matter which country you are in, Saint Patrick’s Day is THE place to be. In France, if we are still far from the festivities of Dublin and New York, this festival has been a success for several years with more and more followers. Most Pubs go green and offer happy hours, shows and concerts for a guaranteed atmosphere.

In Marseille we opt for the O’brady’s Irish Pub or Shamrock in the Old Port and closer to home in Avignon, the O’Conneils Pub on the rue de la République or the Red Sky on Place Pie.

With all these explanations and addresses, you have no reason not to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! All your pints! (To consume in moderation all the same)

Enjoy <3

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