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How to fix your wedding date ? 7 things to know

On this National Holiday Day, July 14, 2017, I just decided to tell you about date. And what a date! That of your future wedding!

Honey made his request and you are still on a cloud nine! “What kind of gown will I choose? “I must add Aunt Daisy to the list of guests!” Where will we go on honeymoon ??? etc etc … STOP EVERYTHING for now … Because when you start the preparations for the big day and in particular the search for providers, you will quickly realize that the first information that will be asked will be: the date of your wedding !

And it seems logical, because first of all the choice of this famous date depends on certain conditions, then quickly will have consequences on the progress of your preparations! So this is the subject on which I will enlighten you by presenting 7 key factors:


The availability of relatives

You have to choose as soon as possible a day of the year to celebrate your love and BEFORE ALL in my opinion it will be necessary to ensure that the closest will be by your side: that it is not the annual board meeting of Daddy to the ends of the earth, that your best friend does not get married that day, that the in-laws do not go around the world precisely at this time … Then accept it, even among your Family and friends, all may not be present (if your cousin gets pregnant in the meantime, or attention, seedy -> Granny does not spend the year, unfortunately it happens). It will be necessary to agree at some point in trying to get as many people as possible. (Attention if relatives come from far, see the holiday paragraph).


The availability of providers

I rank it in second place, and even before money (soon …), because if you had a love at first sight a long time ago in a very particular venue and you do not envisage your wedding elsewhere, or that your reception will not take place without a particular Caterer that you consider unique! HURRY UP! (If it is not too late … some highly-acclaimed providers are sometimes booked 2 years in advance). And, unfortunately, everything does not always go as planned. It will be better to consider several possible dates for your big day. More generally, marriage providers (who are the best) are in great demand and it will sometimes be difficult for them to respond favorably to your request, especially if you offer them a single date. It is better to plan several possible dates for your big day.

I also include here the availability of the date with the church and the town hall. If you have a precise idea of ​​the church in which you wish to marry, the choice will probably be more limited and you will certainly have to wait a year to be able to have the date of your choice.


The cost of the wedding (here …)

If this is not the first criterion (that’s why I place it 3rd) that you will have in mind when you decide for a day of the year rather than another, but you would have it understood, setting your wedding date will have a real influence on its cost.

Indeed, if you choose to get married during the high season of weddings, between May and September in France, you will have to expect to pay the high price for just about all your bookings. So as mentioned just above, if you want to get married in summer, contact the professionals as soon as possible.

So conversely, if you are looking to save money, the trick is to get married off season. In autumn (I like to say “the Indian summer …”), in winter or even in the beginning of spring, you will get more accessible prices on products and services, even chances to negotiation, and answers Faster to your requests. (And more relaxed providers at your service during YOUR D-Day).

Also about saving money, the time that you wish to give to the organization of the wedding may be the opportunity to put money aside or to stagger payments, and obviously we do not raise the same amount in 3 months or in 1 year!


The season

I know that some (some women!) of you consider their wedding only under a great blue sky flooded with sunshine. Fortunately others prefer the charm of autumn or dream of snow for the day of their reception, otherwise ALL weddings would be in July / August in France! Whatever your favorite season, you will obviously choose your date according to the atmosphere you imagine for your wedding. And as I already mentioned in the article “Which season to choose to get married“, all seasons have their advantages and drawbacks.


For the most romantic, a significant date

Looking for a date full of romanticism? Why not opt for the anniversary date of one of you or for your meeting? For couples with children, choosing the date of birth of one of them (attention that could make jealous) allows to multiply the festivities! Indeed some bride and groom decide to concentrate on days of special value in their eyes. If you do not know where to start to fix your date of the big day, here is a good first line of reflection. And once again, remember, if you are particularly interested in a day, contact your preferred providers as soon as possible to make sure they are available.


Holidays, public holidays and special dates

Choosing the right period to get married means first of all making sure that your loved ones can reach you. But it is also, pay attention to long weekend and other school holidays (in your country and in France). First, if you choose a holiday or a day in the middle of the summer vacation, you take the risk that your guests have already booked vacations and can not back pedal. To put every chance on your side opt for a Friday or a Saturday of a weekend with no particular event. And if in your entourage, many will come from far on D-Day, be sure to find a date that does not complicate matters. A holiday, a long weekend, it can quickly be difficult. Well, some will also tell you that it suits them (hair pull!)

And this also applies to special festivals: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in particular! Some guests will not ignore these family reunions.

For holidays that are more historical or religious, I think of July 14 (our French national holiday, which as today is on a Friday) or the Assumption of August 15, expect HIGH prices! For reservations of providers and venues and the transportation of your guests (especially those book at the last minute).


Special case

I am referring here to a somewhat special case that comes to mind, but which is worth considering. You planned to get married at home or in the family home, but ha ha! Work is also planned. Will everything be ready? It is better to wait until everything is finished to start your marriage. Allow for a safety margin, allow an additional 6 months to cover the unexpected (there are always, in the work, even in weddings “The 10 unexpected that can occur at your marriage“)


In conclusion

Whichever date you choose, it will remain forever etched in your memories. The wedding anniversary (which I could also organize, see my services) will be a nice occasion (excuse: D) to party again !


Tell us everything: Is the date of your wedding already fixed? What date ? How have you decided on your wedding date?


Enjoy <3

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