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How to organize a bachelorette party in 5 steps ? My tips and advice !

Here are, in my opinion, the 5 main steps to follow in the organization of a bachelorette party.

I am speaking to you elected! YES ! You who were chosen by the future bride to be her bridesmaid and so, witness you will be, Bachelorette Party you will organize!  Ideas you will need, but especially the organization you will not miss! Where do you start? You do not even have an ounce of ideas! Do not be afraid young Padawan, I, Wedding Planner would be there to accompany you, and the best bachelorette party your friend will live! Here in my opinion are the 5 steps with all my tips and tricks for organizing a bachelorette party (that you will follow: D) That strength is with you! (hint barely concealed from Star Wars for those who do not know)

<h4>1-We ask the future bride what she would like</h4>

In order not to be mistaken it is often better to talk about it with the bride-to-be a minimum beforehand. First of all, to know if she wants a bachelorette party or not, some people do not like this tradition. And if this is her case, we must try to capture his desires so that this moment is pleasant for everyone, and especially for her, nobody wants to punish anyone! As for the guests, it is best to ask her about the people she wants to have at her side. We write with her a little list with names, phone numbers and emails or Facebook. If you do not know all the girls, do not hesitate to ask for details on the links of kinship or friendship!

<h4>2-We invite Who and How many people?</h4>
Already you! : D The witnesses and bridesmaids of course! FRIENDS very close to the future bride and I would also add some members of the family and in-laws who hold a “special” place in his life, for example sisters, sisters-in-law and cousins ​​why not! _The Bride: “Ah and I thought about my colleague, my friend FAC, mother-in-law, my little beautician too kind and …” and why not the neighbor, and the dog of the neighbor so much we are there! YES ! I know it’s a DIFFICULT choice or Cornelian for the future bride and yet it will be necessary to sort it out! First of all distinguish the friends of the FRIENDS, not bother to invite the friends that we see only once every 36 months, and we forget the MERES and CHILDREN, everyone does not have his place to this particular holiday. In all cases, except a real stroke of luck (or blow of fate depending on how we see it), it is likely that everyone is present on the chosen date. Anyway, Enjoy Your Wedding advises you not to exceed 12 people. Firstly it will be much simpler in terms of organization! (and again!) and Deuzio who says little committee, says knowledge, ease and sharing, big atmosphere guaranteed, fiesta caliente in sight!

<h4>3-We find an ideal date!</h4>
This is where it gets harder… First of all, of course, it is imperative to find a date that suits the future bride! My advice is not to predict that day too close to the date of the wedding. EXIT the Very Bad Trip and Hangover, the day before D-DAY, FAKE! Then, you guessed it the most important is to find a date where the maximum number of people is available AND with in this lot the most important people for the bride … So you have drawn up the list of guests, more or less with the help of the bride, it is time to contact them and propose several dates. And here is my second magic tip: draw the Doodle! <a href=”https://doodle.com/fr/”>Link</a> An online survey system to organize an event and satisfy as many people as possible on the same date!

<h4>4-We define a budget!</h4>
Now that we know more or less who comes or not, it will get tough (yes still a little more: DDD) because it is about money.You will have guessed it, each pays her share. And the budget of a bachelorette party is not nothing, and depending on the choices selected the note can quickly climb! So from now on it will be necessary to make sure that a maximum of people who can be of the party the rest! Availability (physical presence) is one thing, availability (financial) is another! And it would be a shame if some were lost along the way for money. So you have to think about asking each one of the budget she will be able to predict. Second survey;) The average budget of a bachelorette party is around 250 euros per person but lots of tips can help reduce its expenses, everything will depend on the program and do not hesitate to be creative and appeal to artistic gifts, manual, good plans of each! My advice to manage the total budget: the manager becomes treasurer! And this time we draw the jackpot online! Example from so many other sites: Leetchi <a href=”https://www.leetchi.com/”>link</a> So she has all the money BEFORE the EVJF and no apothecary accounts on the spot.

<h4>5-We define a Program!</h4>
We are almost there… Guests OK, Date OK, Budget OK, now DO WHAT? Already, the budget will greatly impact the opportunities available to you. A day or a weekend? It does not cost the same thing! Then, place to the imagination … small gifts, disguises (or NOT, ATTENTION everyone does not appreciate the humiliation and the shame), activities, destinations … the ideas do not miss! Ask the opinions of all (not too much LOL) Always keep in mind that the idea is to please everyone but especially the bride! Find activities that look like him! And in the worst case if it does not suit all guests, some may still be dead. Ideas for activities and programs? I’ll give you all that soon in a future article;) OK program? Organize! Plan a maximum in advance, book if accommodation, activities, rent a car, book tickets, buy your goodies (necklaces, bags, tatoos, bracelets …), in short remember nothing! And a small detailed recap sent in advance for the participants will always be welcome;)

<h4>To conclude:</h4>
– we do not forget that the goal is to please the bride!
– that we can not achieve the impossible either
– we get organized, we anticipate, we get help, we delegate if necessary, we involve all girls
– and why not provide a theme: summer, fairies, princesses, sex … or a dress code: seagirls, all denim, all white …


I tell you it’s possible, I’m not telling you it will be easy.

Enjoy &lt;3


<em>credits: <a href=”https://christopheweddingphoto.com/”>Christophe Viseux</a></em>

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