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22 ideas of gifts for the guests of your wedding

You want to offer a souvenir of your wedding to your guests … Need gift ideas? But your heart balances between a classic gift or something more original?

Up to you ! Know that dragees always have the coast! and it’s still a good way to keep your head dry! And contrary to what one might think is still what is mostly offered at weddings in France.

But thanks to this article I will try to give you a lot of ideas to surprise your guests with small gifts that they are not ready to forget!

Personally I think having a thought towards your guests who will make the trip, participate in your wedding, and ambianceront this day, it is also the key to a successful marriage. But of course this tradition is not compulsory! And especially sometimes when the budget does not allow it. You will already offer them a beautiful afternoon full of emotions, a good meal well watered and a great evening. It’s already a nice present!

So I have listed for you 22 gift ideas for your wedding guests:

For the most greedy there is especially to eat, to eat and still to eat! 😀 Individually, or in a package, in a pretty display or a box, all that is eaten will leave a sweet memory of your wedding on the palate of your guests who will delight while thinking of you and this beautiful day!

For the most eco-friendly, distribute gifts to plant! such a metaphor for happiness that keeps growing between you. Love like plants, you have to take care of them. It is therefore a nice nod to your union that will touch them immensely and will flourish their home or outside.

More or less expensive, to buy or do yourself (the famous Do It Yourself = DIY), typically from Provence or elsewhere, the simplest or most original, and for the most to customize! directly on purchase, or simply by adding a label on the product. With your names and the date of your wedding … it’s better … the goal being to leave a memory


Let’s go :

  1. the inevitable, the inimitable dragees! with almonds or chocolate
  2. olive oil, in a beautiful bottle, or bought at the mill and pour yourself in a nice container
  3. a soap that smells like Provence
  4. a bit of lavender, or a sachet: the advantage is that you can pick it yourself, make your bouquets, or buy it all packed
  5. personalized M & M’s, with your picture or your name! and now they even sell super nice tube-type tubes or transparent box cases, and my trick, subscribe to newsletters and always receive promo codes
  6. we remain in gluttony with a little jar of candy!
  7. a small pot of honey to personalize with a label and its little wooden spoon
  8. in the same spirit, the mini pot of jam to do yourself (or not)
  9. The shuttles (Navettes) of Marseille, or other dry biscuits of Provence like the crunchies with almonds for example!
  10. Cookies completely personalized with names, dates and sometimes more, yes yes even in biscuits it exists!
  11. gourmet spoons! completely to do it yourself
  12. Macaroons ! and yes it can also be personalized, not just packaging. And if not when we tell you that we only think about eating …
  13. And do not forget to drink !… why not a personalized beer! either you buy the product ready, or you buy your beers on one side and have the label on the other
  14. in the same spirit, a bottle of wine with your image. Two drinks appreciated by everyone! Your friends will be able to consume them while clinquant to your happiness then decorate their shelf with the bottles once finished.
  15. a customizable scented candle (or not) that can also be made for the most creative ones
  16. simple and colorful sunglasses
  17. straw hats, which can even be used on D-Day
  18. a small plant or a small cactus: easy to maintain for those who do not have a green thumb, and these are small formats
  19. small tree plants to repot, mini fir or mini olive tree
  20. to stay in the green, small seeds to plant. Everything grows!
  21. accessories: tatoo, small bracelets, scoubidous, keychain, a nice workshop to imagine with your children for example.
  22. The most Simply: a souvenir photo! Thanks to the Polaroid, photobooth, or disposable devices scattered at your wedding, or just a nice picture of you shooting result with your professional photographer, put it all in a nice envelope and a big THANK YOU, and voila!


Find the summary of this article on my Pinterest board: link: Wedding invites gifts

For all containers, packaging and labels, you will find a fullness of online sites offering them. (Esty, wedding decor, etc)

Otherwise for some of my clients I even design custom boxes with lots of good things inside, very well presented! A great address – from SOUTH 😉


Enjoy <3

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