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My feelings on Buenos Aires

As you probably know already, I had the privilege of spending a few days in Buenos Aires, as part of a professional trip to a meeting of future newlyweds! I told you that I will come back on my trip to give you some of my impressions, so I decided to share with you today.
Buenos Aires is without doubt the most European capital of South America. It blows on this city a wind of Italy, Spain and France! This heritage is felt in all the districts of the city: the district of La Recoleta really made me think of the private mansions of France, La Boca has the airs of Napoli, and the huge avenues, especially wide! Reminded me of the Grand Via of Madrid! In the very center I also had the feeling of New York’s tidy streets, a perfect grid.
Difficult to walk in this city without being dazzled by its vegetation! Buenos Aires is in the region of the Pampa, yes yes, the pampa like “nothing, the middle of nowhere”. There was nothing, and the hand of man went through there. More than 100,000 trees have been planted by Carlos Thays, and dozens of parks bloom in the heart of the city. Seizing it!
Argentina is often struck by a form of political fatality (peronism) and by cyclical economic instability, the country was hard hit by a serious and long crisis in 2001. Inflation remains the major problem.
As for the tango, you can see it or dance it in the many milongas of the old quarter of San Telmo. At the very heart of the streets or in the “cabarets-spectacles”, the Tango remains the tourist attraction flagship. Sublime! But precisely … in the eyes of tourists.
What I will remember is that the Tango is limit “nerdy” for Argentines. And to explain a little better, I will compare it with the French Cancan from home: it makes the whole world dream, it is a French dance, it is folkloric, sexy, synonymous with festivities! But … no one dances the French Cancan! Apart from the dancers at the Lido or the Moulin Rouge of course! Well for them it’s the same for the Tango. To devour the eyes for the pleasure of the tourists, or for the best dancers Argentina is an obligatory stage to perfect their Argentinian tango, some Argentines do it all the same in dancings for leisure but all the inhabitants are far from the know! A surprise for me.
In short, another fabulous city of which I have summarized the essential to my eyes. She would have deserved a few days more certainly and why not attend a small game of football, national sport.
Anyway I would be forced to return to Argentina! We can not leave this Earth without seeing the falls of Iguazù and Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego (to say OuSSouaia please).

Enjoy <3

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