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STOP this mess – RANT !

How to say…
What you are about to read is a personal article, I must tell you what I have on my heart, at least just to feel me good!
I would like to have a rant ! Well, maybe it’s a bit much, let’s say a clarification is necessary. And since nobody talks about it I decided to stick to it and denounce this transformation of the word “Wedding Planner” into “Wedding Planneuse” in French! STOP, no it’s not possible, it does not exist! It does not seem to shock anyone but I can not stand it anymore!

So much heard during the exercise of my profession, good … I could / can not correct everyone, even politely it could be inappropriate. But lately it was on TV that I heard the catastrophe: during the broadcast of the show “The Gown of my Life” presented by Cristina Cordula (who I adore by the way) I decide to throw a Look at this new show because M6, the channel, launches the month of the wedding, and that I’m interested in everything related to weddings.Brides to be must find the dress of their dreams with their loved ones, which shows us joys, tears, discord, etc., you see. And Crash!Bang! a young lady is accompanied by her “wedding plannEUSE” (TV, M6 channel, viewers, audience, HELP …) it went too far.

Allow me to briefly review the definition of “Wedding Planner”. The Wedding Planner provides a wedding service of organisation. Eventually Wedding Designer, she/he is not a caterer, a DJ or a photographer … The Wedding Planner business appeared more than a century ago in the United States and for some decades in Britain, which obviously explains the term Anglo-Saxon, which is translated by: Organizer of weddings, Organisatrice/Organisateur de mariages, in French. The profession has been developed in France for about 15 years.

So here, my focus is on this desire to Frenchise this word!

So I have always been aware of the “war” of anglicisms, some fervent defenders of the French language have long militated and still militate today to eradicate or find alternatives to all these English terms that we use everyday : (french part) “I am speed”, “They like my page”, “My pictures in the cloud” … Some are old and some new … And I can readily understand that it is easier to say a “best-seller” than a “success in a bookshop”.

But Enough is Enough and I just come to the rescue of these two languages ​​which are English and French: let’s stop with this error of wanting to Frenchize the word “Wedding Planner” by making agree it, I explain, actually it is a double problem:
First of all in French many words are marked by the masculine or feminine gender, and in particular the trades: (french part) a waiter will give a waitress, un animateur, une animatrice (presenter), un chanteur, une chanteuse (a singer)
And secondly there is a kind of amalgam which is made between the -EUR- and -ER- sound in English. And so “a Wedding PlannER” has become “a Wedding PlannEUSE”. Then NO, STOP, WRONG, ERROR, FALSE! Why not “Wedding PlanNRICE” by the way.
It is the syllable -EUR- and not -ER- which becomes -EUSE- to the feminine in French! We are not angry with our dear Anglo-Saxons not to bother with the feminine / masculine gender in many cases, for example: a baker, a farmer, etc. …

Then 2 solutions are available, for the respect of all, languages, and my ears: say “UN Wedding Planner” or “UNE Wedding Planner” if anglicisms are commonplace for you, Article in front of you want to talk about a man or woman doing this wonderful job, OR Organisateur and Organisatrice of Weddings (in french), please give as appropriate, whether it is a man or a woman Conductor for the event! (this time Conductor, Chef d’Orchestre, is mixed, we speak of Woman Conductor, yes yes it exists more and more!)

My ears tell you THANK YOU!

Enjoy <3

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