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Time – In 2018 take time! Live time

As I said last September on my Instagram account enjoy_yourwedding_france whether you are Husband and Wife, Parent and Child, from the same family, chosen friends, a four-legged companion who is considered a member of the family … that one is born of the same blood, that one is adopted, that one is choose … by birth or by law, concubinage or marriage … we swear to love each other for life, and only death can break such an oath. And even ! for those who believe in it, love can last well beyond!

I titled this article “time” because that’s what I wanted to talk about today.
The time we want it or not happens. Time passes … fast, sometimes too fast, sometimes too slowly. It’s funny not to always feel it the same way from which point of view we take.
Time makes us gloat, makes us impatient, and the wait and sometimes more pleasant than the issue itself! Time is aging, time is destroying us. But time helps us, he is the only one to heal our wounds. How many times have I heard in my life, even more these months “you will see with time”. Time plays tricks, it makes us forget as much as we remember. The weather is sometimes boring, time stops suddenly without warning, without being seen coming, seen leaving.

We would like everything to last forever, and yet life might not have the same taste. This must be the time that gives this flavor so particular to the singularity of each moment. That must be why we are told everywhere all the time it takes PROFIT, every moment, every second.

I like this metaphor, which is becoming quite well known now, but here it is:

“Imagine that every morning a bank opens an account with 86400 euros!
Only, there are two conditions to respect to benefit from it.
The First: Everything you have not spent in the day is lost! If you have money left in the evening, you will not be able to transfer it to another account. You have no choice but to spend it because, every morning, when you wake up, the bank opens a new account. You will again have 86400 euros for the day.
The second condition: The bank has the power to interrupt this “game” without notice, at any time, it can tell you that everything is over. It will close the account forever and there will be no more! What would you do ?
You would spend every euro with great attention! Not to save since it is not possible but to please you and offer gifts to those you love. Each euro would bring you happiness in your life and those of those around you, right? Know that this magic bank exists, but it offers us much better than money!

It gives us TIME!
Every morning, when we wake up, we are all credited with 86400 seconds of life for the day. When we fall asleep in the evening, there is no postponement … Every second that has not been invested in the realization of our dreams is irretrievably lost … “Yesterday” has passed and will not be anymore! Every morning, that magic starts again.
We “play” with this unavoidable rule; The bank can close our TIME account without any notice: at any time, life can stop! So what will you do with your 86400 seconds daily? ”

I like this parallel between time and money. I like this VALUE given to time.
I like this idea that life makes us a daily gift! This gift we are all EQUAL at the base. (I would qualify by excluding the fact that some of us do not have exactly the same chances and sometimes from birth, some are struck by disease, disability, etc.) And I often think of the film Timeout, certainly questionable for the most cinephiles, but this idea of ​​the value of time … of genius!

If I write to you today, and only today, and not for months, it’s because I needed TIME, that’s all. To heal my wounds, to understand, take a step back, bounce, think, grow, rebuild. I go forward and I must understand that “yesterday is no longer, tomorrow does not exist, only today counts”. I said earlier: time is aging, time is destroying us, but time is building us. It is he who allows us every day to become a better person, this better person than we were the day before, better in the richer sense (in the more cultivated sense, strong, fulfilled, determined, etc.). In short, time is LIFE!

So I wish you a new year full of happiness, health and in TIME well spent! to help you reach your goals and meet your deepest aspirations!
Personally I wish that 2018 teaches me to LIVE even more at the bottom every moment by benefiting and reminding me that the time is too much counted to be wasted, life is too short to ruin it.

Enjoy <3

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